• Xcode-related tool I use just about every day at some point: shitxcodesays.wordpress.com/ded/

  • I know what I think my job is.

    But I wonder if my real job is telling Dark Sky that it’s raining when it tells me it isn’t.

  • A slot opened up in Evergreen’s list of default feeds (there are always 16, traditionally). And I had a hard time filling it.

    It’s not like it’s some great honor or anything, but I very much want to do a good job with the defaults. The idea is to make them so good that you’d probably want to keep them.

    Then the perfect answer came to me: om.co

  • Julia Evans answers the question How does gdb call functions?

  • Just bought Fire and Fury from iBooks store. So looking forward to reading this.


  • I had not seen the Micro.blog community guidelines until just now: help.micro.blog/2017/comm…

  • Me in 2014 on Bugs.

  • That last post was supposed to include a link: www.manton.org/2018/01/d…

  • Love this:

    Micro.blog is not a popularity contest.

    Don’t worry about numbers

  • As a reward to myself for waking up, I’m going to fix some crashing bugs today. There’s hardly anything I enjoy more. (Seriously.)

  • January 2nd is the happiest day of the year. Magical and wonderful. And it can’t be made a holiday without ruining it.

  • Making progress on supporting author avatars and microblog posts in Evergreen.

    Solutions aren’t specific to Micro.blog feeds, but they’re a great use case and test case.

    Screen shot so far. Work continues.

  • I can barely type Objective-C code at all now without making errors on every single line.

  • Love the new micro.blog icon!

  • The Republican party — in the large sense, including its propaganda wing — is the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II, and must be destroyed.


  • Omni Slack Group you can join: www.omnigroup.com/slack/

  • The Omni Show episode 4 features Andrea McVittie, UX designer at The Omni Group and staunch defender of puppies:


    Reminder: for people who like to read rather than listen, there’s a transcript for this and every other show.

  • Happy MarsEdit 4.0 Day! red-sweater.com/marsedit/

  • Evergreen users — the Check for Updates command should be working now.

  • There are just 13 hours left on App Camp’s fundraiser to expand to three new cities. This is the day where you donate!


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