• I’ll never get over the thing about how dilemna changed its spelling retroactively to dilemma, which looks and is ridiculous.

  • Women are gonna take charge of society.

    -Steve Bannon

  • I know I’ve got it all wrong. A handkerchief is really a kerchief for the hand.

    And a kerchief is also known as a bandana. Which makes me want to call them handbandanas.

  • Handkerchiefs are not chiefs of the handker. They’re the barely-adequate cleanup crew. I’d like a real chief.

  • Seems like the Mac is always beleaguered. And it was, in the ’90s, because Apple was in trouble.

    But that’s it.

    Yet there’s something about the Mac, or about people, where they always want to claim that it’s about to join the choir invisible. It’s not.

  • Micro Monday: pick @verso. Easy call.

  • Greeners — check for updates!

    The app has AppleScript support now, thanks to @olof. And the smart feeds now actually show articles. And there are some contextual menus.

    Or go to the site and get the latest build.

  • I keep punting features, features I never would have thought I’d skip for 1.0.

    Which is how it goes for every release of every app I’ve ever done. This is the hard part of this.

  • GitHub tells me that Evergreen’s 1.0 Alpha milestone is 74% complete.

    After three years, the app is now in the late torture stage. Not much heavy lifting left to do — mostly a bunch of small details, and most of those are tedious.

    But that’s how you ship. You just continue.

  • Still chilly in Seattle — but I saw the sun and heard the birds singing and saw some crocuses and even one early-blooming daffodil.

    This — call it pre-Spring — might be my favorite time of year. It’s the anticipation and the small signs, the little movements each day.

  • I shoulda put down money on the WH not releasing the Democratic memo.

  • Om Malik: Smart Home is a Home that’s always spying on you

    The question now is — should we roll over and embrace the surveillance society and be monetized, or do we have some capabilities to fight back?

  • Dave DeLong’s Swift Protocols Wishlist reminds me again how much nicer protocol-oriented-programming is in Objective-C.

    (I stick with Swift for other reasons.)

  • NSCollectionView has claws.

  • I just finished the show notes for the next episode of The Omni Show, and it occurred to me — not for the first time — what a privilege it is to document, even in this small way, the lives of the people around me.

  • On my iPhone I’m reading an email. Then turn off the display.

    Then come back to my iPhone — touch the home button for the Touch ID thing.

    Screen lights up, and I watch that email go to the trash, because the trash button is right above the Home button.

    Happens all the time.

  • Is there a good podcast player for Macs? I use iTunes, but wish for something better.

  • The third place I’ll go with my time machine is the Liberation of Paris.

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