• If you’re looking for good news sources to add to Evergreen, or any other RSS reader, check out Feeds for Journalists:


    Download list.opml and import it in into your reader.

  • I’m getting rid of the Evergreen syncing time limit. If you can’t or don’t connect, your offline action queue is limited by whatever data you have locally. (Since you’re not getting new items from the server.)

  • Cool news — @omni is now on Micro.blog!

  • Greeners: check for updates!

  • Tim Bray: Google Memory Loss:

    …it needs to be in­dexed, just like a li­brary. Google ap­par­ent­ly doesn’t share that view.

  • Just got send-to-MarsEdit working in my local build of Evergreen. Things like this always seem like the good kind of magic to me.

  • Found a feed bug I don’t think I’ve seen before: it includes pubDate and dc:date — and they’re different by a day (though not exactly a day).

    How the hell this even happens is beyond me, but that’s feeds for ya.

  • Joel Spolsky reminds us how digital addiction works: rewards provided intermittently.

  • Ben Curtis wrote a proof-of-concept Mentions app: github.com/stympy/fe…

  • A Letter to the Responsible Individuals at Major Internet Publishers:

    Autoplaying in two seconds: Why there is not ever a reason for anyone who still maintains ownership of a soul to engage a content blocker

  • Tip for Evergreen (or any RSS reader) users:

    For non-Mac-App-Store apps that do in-app updates, you can often find the RSS URL of the updates feed and then subscribe in Evergreen.

    (These feeds are often called appcasts.)

    Select the app in the Finder, ctrl-click and do Show Package Contents, then open Contents/Info.plist in a text editor or in Xcode.

    Then find SUFeedURL. If it’s there, then copy the feed URL and add it in Evergreen.

    Example: the feed for the Mac Micro.blog app is s3.amazonaws.com/micro.blo…

    Evergreen’s appcast URL is ranchero.com/downloads…

  • AMP is the new Flash.

  • Occam’s Razor — “don’t multiply entities beyond necessity” — is not just useful when seeking explanations, it’s useful for app design.

  • Preparing for another recording of The Omni Show. Next guest is @liz, an engineer at Omni. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • My Micro Monday pick is micro.blog/kevinmarks — because he’s thought about all this open web stuff way more than I have.

  • Use Your Loaf reminds us where we can use case outside of switch statements in Swift: useyourloaf.com/blog/swif…

  • Had to turn off Xcode’s new build system today, since I kept getting messages about being unable to attach to debugger.

    (But at least the good news is that the old build system works fine, and I can debug.)

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