• The Developers Union:


  • I just got a slide for my guitar and now I’ve tuned it to open E and now I’m learning to play No Expectations and I feel cool like Keith Richards.

  • Unofficial Seattle Xcoders night! Cyclops at 6 pm. Be there!

  • People may not realize that @Agiletortoise, @manton, and I all know each from the late ’90s as part of the Frontier community.

    For me it’s easy to see how the lessons we learned then, and interests we developed, are still shaping our work so many years later.

  • OmniLunch: French toast yesterday, burgers today.

    When, many years from now, they speak of the Golden Age of apps, they will literally mean April 4-5, 2018.

  • The RSS revival is happening.

  • Happy birthday to me! Fifty! 🎩

  • Scripting News:

    Then Google comes into the house, uninvited, and says that electricity is too dangerous.

  • Our friends at “App: The Human Story” are looking for beta testers for The Developers Union.

  • From 1993, here’s Simson Garfinkel’s book on programming NeXTSTEP 3.0.

    Note how far we’ve come. And note how far we haven’t come.

  • From 2003, by James Duncan Davidson: Ten Things I Dig About Xcode

    Xcode’s about 15 year old. Before that was Project Builder.

  • Reminder: follow @omni for all your OmniDog pictures. :)

  • Dave Verwer’s new iOS Dev Directory is very cool. Includes OPML files so you can bulk-subscribe in your favorite RSS reader.


  • Here’s Dave Lonning, Documentation Wrangler and our guest on the latest episode of The Omni Show:

  • I actually figured out the secret to human happiness years ago — I just keep forgetting to say.

    It’s that, when you show up, people are happy to see you, and you show that you’re happy to see them.

  • One time when I was a teenager I wanted to try the stunt of jumping out of a moving car.

    Probably 1984. We were in my friend’s ’66 Mustang. He slowed way, way down — like 5 miles an hour. We figured we should be careful!

    We were in our development. At night. No other cars on the street or likely to be.

    I was in the back seat. I opened the door and jumped — but super-carefully, just kinda horizontally — out into the grass besides the car.

    I still remember the feeling of my leg grazing the back wheel, and I remember my heart pounding as I realize how close I came to having my leg run over.

    No, we hadn’t been drinking. This is the kind of dumb stuff we did when we couldn’t find any beer.

  • In 2013 I wrote that I hope Apple doesn’t release a smart watch.

    Of course they did, and I’ve been wearing one ever since.

    This is, of course, how things erode. There’s always a good reason to move the line. Not just for tech.

  • Every five years or so, I try subscribing to The Verge and TechCrunch, and it lasts about a day.

    So much to not care about.

  • Webintosh was one of my favorite blogs.

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