• This is the time of year when Seattle goes from whatever to the most beautiful city in North America. So lush, so green. Hills and mountains and water. I remember why I love living here.

  • Somewhere on the web I saw someone call Devin Nunes ([R]ussia), a ding dong, and I can’t get it out of my head. He’s a ding dong.

  • Couldn’t log in to App Store Connect. Quit and relaunched Safari. Still can’t log in.

    Switched to Chrome. It worked.

  • I just realized that I switched over to marketing at Omni a year ago yesterday. It was the perfect move for me!

    I keep a log — in OmniOutliner, of course — and I can tell you what I did on any given day.

  • I used to watch the Lone Ranger TV show as a kid. I kept calling him the “Lone Stranger,” and my Mom kept correcting me. I still like the name.

  • Let’s finish off February and never have another one!

  • App notarization done. All good. Forget I ever complained.

  • App notarization service is slow for me tonight. Grrr.

  • Though it’s been 25 years since I worked in a restaurant, I still refer to my chores as my “side work.”

    And I’ll often say “behind you” when I’m behind someone and “corner” when going around a corner.

  • I like all the Democrats running for nomination.

  • It’s the saddest holiday in America.

  • Here’s an explanation of Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program: www.seattle.gov/democracy…

  • Democracy vouchers arrived in the mail today! I love my blue and green city.

  • My brain is incapable of remembering what monads, functors, and currying are.

    I also can’t ever seem to remember what a logarithm is.

    I’m not proud. I’m bugged.

  • The Big Meltdown brings roofalanches.

  • I can’t see them, but I can hear AT-ATs slowly crunching in the distance.

  • The crows are silent now, which is ominous.

  • Not just flakes anymore. Snowing pretty hard already. Crows are yelling in my backyard.

  • Snow flakes just started in Ballard.

  • This reporter works from home Fridays (and Mondays), so I’ll be fine. My hope is that everyone in the Seattle area can find a way to avoid traveling during this storm.

  • As I was walking to work this morning, two women — cold-braving dog-walkers who appeared to be in their 60s — were talking across the street to each other.

    One says to the other, “Well, Cliff Mass says…” Cliff Mass is the weather writer for the Seattle area.

  • Cliff Mass has an update on the snowstorm that’s coming. In short: it’s coming. No maybes.


  • We’re going to get a crazy amount of snow.


  • We don’t get snow every year. Some years we get just a few flakes one day. But today we’ve got enough to shut things down.

    It’s not even that much snow. But Seattle is a city of hills, and hills plus snow is tricky.

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