• The Republican party — in the large sense, including its propaganda wing — is the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II, and must be destroyed.


  • Omni Slack Group you can join: www.omnigroup.com/slack/

  • The Omni Show episode 4 features Andrea McVittie, UX designer at The Omni Group and staunch defender of puppies:


    Reminder: for people who like to read rather than listen, there’s a transcript for this and every other show.

  • Happy MarsEdit 4.0 Day! red-sweater.com/marsedit/

  • Evergreen users — the Check for Updates command should be working now.

  • There are just 13 hours left on App Camp’s fundraiser to expand to three new cities. This is the day where you donate!


  • I like having my app and Manton’s app next to each other in my Dock. The apps are siblings. :)

  • Continuing to make good progress on Evergreen. Latest build: ranchero.com/downloads…

    Yes, I definitely need to get gatekeeper signing and Sparkle both working.

  • Old screenshot — NetNewsWire 1.0.1. Borrowed from the ATPM archive: www.atpm.com/9.04/netn…

  • Here’s a sneak-peek Evergreen build. Not even alpha yet. Barely usable at all, and probably only by me. ranchero.com/downloads…


  • But her emails.

  • Went back to Xcode 9b4, since 9b5 doesn’t build Mac apps that use AVFoundation. We use AVFoundation.

  • Thing I just learned: -[NSAttributedString attribute:atIndex:effectiveRange:] will return the effectiveRange of where the attribute does not exist, if it doesn’t exist at that index.

  • I’m so old I remember when we had to make emojis with our own faces.

  • The Mooch is smoochless. pagesix.com/2017/07/2…

  • Jim Beam is the Pepsi of whisky.

  • I force-quit an app on my iPhone when it’s not working right.

    Then I just force-quit everything, since I’m there and I’m so very angry.

  • “I like people who don’t have blood cuts above their eyes.”

  • After all this is over, we’ll be left with the chilling question: what would we have done if these traitors were actually intelligent?

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